Many people enjoy horse riding. However, learning to ride a horse is entirely different from learning to drive a car or automobile.  Learning to drive involves merely training the driver to handle his/her vehicle while on the road properly but learning to ride a horse is way beyond that scope. It does not just involve training the rider; it also consists of the rider training the horse itself because unlike the car, the horse is an animal subject to feelings and emotions even as we are. It takes mutual understanding and practice to get on and ride.  Do you know can always enjoy training your horse in company of these beautiful Schaumburg Escort and Washington DC Escorts, if you don’t know you should take time and check them out. There is an adage that says, and I quote ‘a leaf wrapped around soap for a long time ends up becoming soap’. This is indeed true because as we stay around people or even around our pets; we tend to rub off some part of us on them and vice visa (If you have ever met a dog owner with his/her dog you’d probably understand better). This is not different with horses. I have noticed over time that in many cases, the behaviour of horses and their owners are very similar. The relaxed, natural going type of person has a comfortable, easy going kind of horse, and the flaky hard-on kind of person has a hard on the flaky horse.  This fact captures a crucial lesson. If we are inconsistent and unpredictable in our behaviour, we can end up having a negative influence on the behaviour of our horse. If one day you gently with a relaxed voice call to your horse, walk it around and saddle it up for a ride then the next day you find yourself all flared up, being pushy and unfriendly, you might end up making your horse nervous which usually ends up in a mess. The most important point to note when training your horse is consistency. Changes in our behavioural pattern tend to confuse the horse thereby causing it to be distracted from its training. If you start out being pushy, then stick to it, and if not, also stick to it because over time the horse tends to adjust to our flow and understands our behaviour because of consistency. See more of these Sexy colombian girls

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