Why Does 60 Minutes Repeat Stories?

How can I watch 60 minutes from last night?

If you missed last night’s 60 Minutes, you can catch the full episode at http://60minutes.com..

Which 60 minutes reporters have died?

Bob SimonDiedFebruary 11, 2015 (aged 73) Manhattan, New York, United StatesOccupationNews reporterYears active1969–2015Television60 Minutes (1996–2015)4 more rows

Can you stream 60 minutes live?

Watch 60 Minutes – Stream Full Episodes on CBS All Access.

What time is 60 minutes on Central time?

7:60 Minutes is also simulcast on several former CBS Radio flagship stations now owned by Entercom (such as KYW in Philadelphia, WCBS in New York City, WBBM in Chicago, WWJ in Detroit and KCBS in San Francisco) when it airs locally on their sister CBS Television Network affiliate; even in the Central and Eastern time …

Who is the female reporter on 60 Minutes?

Lesley Rene StahlLesley Rene Stahl (born December 16, 1941) is an American journalist. She has spent most of her career with CBS News, where she began as a producer in 1971. Since 1991, she has reported for CBS’s 60 Minutes….Lesley StahlOccupationNews reporterYears active1971–present6 more rows

How did Katy Textor of 60 minutes die?

The story is especially meaningful to the team at 60 Minutes because it was the last piece produced by Katy Textor, a longtime producer on the broadcast. Textor died from cancer in June 2019 at 45 years old. “When you watch Matthew [Whitaker] play, he is so joyful. He is so full of life,” Alfonsi said.

Has 60 Minutes been Cancelled?

60 Minutes has been renewed for a 53rd season which will debut September 20, 2020. Stay tuned for further updates.

How old is Tara Brown 60 minutes?

52 years (March 14, 1968)Tara Brown/Age

Is Ed Bradley from 60 Minutes still alive?

Deceased (1941–2006)Ed Bradley/Living or Deceased

Where is 60 minutes showing?

60 Minutes (Official Site) Watch on CBS All Access.

Is 60 Minutes Australia real?

60 Minutes is an Australian version of the U.S. television newsmagazine show 60 Minutes airing since 1979 on Sunday nights on the Nine Network. A New Zealand version uses segments of the show.

How do I contact 60 Minutes Australia about a story?

You can also send your story suggestions to 60 Minutes by mail, fax, phone or email using the following details:Mail:Fax: 02 9126 3816.Phone: 02 9906 9999.Email: 60Minutes@nine.com.au.

Does 60 minutes pay for stories?

60 Minutes has long had a tradition for never confirming nor denying payment for its stories. … Similarly A Current Affair has previously confirmed no payments for some profile interviews.

Is 60 minutes a repeat?

Most times it’s all repeat stories. Sometimes if they get a significant interview or a big story happens, they might do a piece on it.

How old is Scott Pelley?

63 years (July 28, 1957)Scott Pelley/Age

Did Katy Textor have breast cancer?

26 at the age of 59 from breast cancer. The former “Mythbusters” star and professional race car driver died on Tuesday, Aug.

How do I contact 60 minutes about a story?

We receive a large number of story suggestions each week and cannot guarantee response or return of materials. Alternately, you may send your request via email to 60m@cbsnews.com. If a 60 MINUTES producer does not contact you directly within 4 to 5 weeks, you may assume that CBS News is not going to report your story.

What is the Next 60 Minutes episode about?

Anonymous Inc./Top of the World60 Minutes/Upcoming episode

How do I contact CBS News about a story?

Email. You can always send us a tip via investigates@cbsnews.com.

Where can I watch 60 minutes online for free?

Watch 60 Minutes on CBSNews.com Probably the easiest way to watch 60 Minutes online is to head over to their official webpage. From there you can watch all of the recent season’s episodes for free!

What is the latest episode of 60 Minutes?

Episode 1960 Minutes/Latest episode