What Can I Feed A River Turtle?

Can turtles eat bananas?

Vegetables and Fruits to Feed to Box Turtles A wide variety of fruits and vegetables should be offered to your box turtle daily in order to provide a balanced diet.

As an example, bananas (a favorite of many turtles) have a ratio of 0.3:1 (which is low) so this means they should be fed in moderation..

How long can a turtle go without eating?

6 monthsIdeally, an adult healthy turtle that has been properly fed and cared for is able to last for up to 6 months without eating anything. However, young turtles, and baby ones in specific, usually didn’t develop their hibernation abilities properly, as they’re still in the building stage where they need a lot of proteins.

Can turtles eat oranges?

Turtles can eat oranges in small and limited quantities. While there are no conclusive studies to show if oranges or other citrus fruits are harmful, turtles do well on variety, wholesome foods and small pieces of fruit and vegetables in their diet.

Can turtles eat dog food?

Never feed your turtle cat food or dog food. It has too much protein and can cause long term damage. Water turtles are a different story. They can only eat under water.

Can turtles eat canned tuna?

I feed water canned salmon and tuna to my turtles (and fish) from time to time and they really love it. I like to pick the spines out and offer them for their calcium content.

Can water turtles eat vegetables?

The best veggies are chopped dark leafy greens such as kale, collard, and mustard greens, Dr. Starkey says. Shredded carrots, squash, and zucchini are great foods that turtles can eat, too. You can also go with edible aquatic vegetation such as water lettuce, water hyacinth, and duckweed.

Can turtles eat bread?

Bread should never be included in their diet because turtles lack the enzymes needed to break down foods like bread (or those that contain dairy). Since they cannot properly process these foods, the turtles do not obtain the vitamins and nutrients they require for proper growth and development.

Can turtles eat cucumbers?

Fresh, COOKED, unseasoned meats (stick with poultry and shrimp) Chopped vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, etc) Water plants. Deceased insects.

What should you not feed turtles?

Pet Turtle Feeding TipsAvoid offering turtles any dairy products such as milk, yogurt, or cheese. … Offer protein sources only every two to three days to avoid too much protein in the turtle’s diet.Avoid raw meat or hamburger as it may become tainted and rotten before the turtle eats it.More items…

What is the best food for turtle?

Feeding your turtleCommercial turtle food: Turtles like turtle pellets and frozen or freeze-dried fish food. … Protein: Feed turtles crickets or mealworms or feeder fish on occasion for variety. … Vegetables: Three or four times a week, serve 1 to 2 teaspoons of dark, leafy greens such as kale, collards or mustard greens.

What vegetables can you feed aquatic turtles?

Desirable vegetables to offer include dark leafy greens such as romaine lettuce, collard greens, mustard greens, carrot tops, endive, Swiss chard, kale, parsley, green beans, dandelion greens, turnip greens, and clover.

How do you make homemade turtle food?

Fruits of your choice, can use apples, grapes, raspberries and strawberries, many melons are liked and bananas as well. Vegetables of your choice, can use any dark leafy green such as bok choy, leaf lettuce, endive and kale, zucchini, broccoli carrots, tomatoes, sometimes squash or pumpkin.

Can water turtles eat fish food?

Yes, turtles can eat fish food. … So, you shouldn’t use fish food exclusively to feed your turtle. Turtles thrive on a varied diet of live plant and meat-based matter. You can occasionally feed fish food, but not regularly.