What Are Two Antonyms For Fast?

What is the antonym for fast?

ANTONYMS FOR fast 1, 2 slow.

5, 6 restrained.

8 loose..

What is another word for moving fast?

What is another word for move fast?flyspeedzoomboltrundashscurryracerushdart238 more rows

Is faster a word?

As detailed above, ‘faster’ can be a noun, an adverb or an adjective.

What is the synonym and antonym of quickly?

rapidly, pronto, chop-chop, speedily, cursorily, readily, right away, quick, apace, promptly. Antonyms: easy, slow, tardily, slowly. cursorily, quickly(adverb)

What is another word for faster?

Faster Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for faster?acceleratedaugmentedquickerhurried upquickquickened upsped upspeeded upspeeded2 more rows

How do you say someone is fast?

Words used to describe fast movement – thesaurusfast. adjective. able to move quickly.quick. adjective. able to move fast or do something fast.swift. adjective. moving quickly.speedy. adjective. happening very quickly.nimble. adjective. able to move quickly and easily.brisk. adjective. … high-speed. adjective. … agile. adjective.More items…

What things happen quickly?

(Idiomatic) Instantaneous, very quick. … In this page you can discover 93 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for quickly, like: flashing, speedily, hurrying, hastily, swiftly, hurriedly, shooting, rapidly, rushing, apace and darting.

What is the opposite of beautiful?

beautiful(adj) (of weather) highly enjoyable. “what a beautiful day” Antonyms: ill-favored, hideous, ugly, monstrous, unlovely, fugly, repulsive, grotesque, unsightly, scrofulous, unpleasant, evil-looking, unpicturesque, ill-favoured, disfigured.

What is the opposite word of nearby?

What is the opposite of nearby?farawayawaydeepdistantfarfar-offremoteoutlyingremovedfar-flung17 more rows

What is the antonyms of smart?

Antonyms: awkward, bungling, clumsy, dull, foolish, idiotic, ignorant, senseless, slow, stupid, thick-headed, witless. Synonyms: able, adroit, apt, bright, capable, clever, dexterous, expert, gifted, happy, ingenious, intellectual, intelligent, keen, knowing, quick, quick-witted, sharp, skilful, talented.

What are two synonyms for fast?

fast1speedy, quick, swift, rapid.brisk, nimble, sprightly, lively.fast-moving, high-speed, turbo, sporty, accelerated, express, flying.whirlwind, blistering, breakneck, pell-mell, meteoric, smart.hasty, hurried.unhesitating, expeditious.fleet-footed.informal nippy, zippy, spanking, scorching, blinding, supersonic.More items…

What is the antonyms of near?

opposites of nearaway.detached.distant.far.faraway.separate.cool.deferred.More items…

What rhymes quick?

WordRhyme ratingCategoriesclick100Verb, Nounpick100Verbstick100Noun, Verbbrick100Noun96 more rows

What things are fast?

From cheetahs to airplanes: 11 of the fastest things out thereLand animal: the cheetah. … Air animal: the peregrine falcon. … Sea animal: the black marlin. … Automotive: Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4. … Airplane: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. … Train: JR-Maglev. … Rapper: Twista. … Painter: Morris Katz.More items…•

What is the opposite of rapidly?

Opposite of at a fast pace. slowly. gradually. leisurely. unhurriedly.