Quick Answer: Where Are Audible Files Stored On Android?

Can I download my books from Audible?

After purchasing Audible content, you can download and listen to your titles directly from the Audible for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 apps.

To download an audiobook, you must have a stable Wi-Fi or cellular data connection and enough space on your device to download the title..

Where does audible sync store files?

A: Sure, you can decide where to store your downloaded audible books if you are using Audible Windows apps. Run Audible on Windows>>Settings>>Downloads>>Download location>> Custom location. Then you can choose where to store Audible books on your computer.

Do I lose my books if I cancel audible?

You can still listen to Audible books after cancelling your membership, but you’ll lose your credits. With Audible, for example, if you opt to cancel your Audible membership, you would still have access to the audiobooks you purchased via your Audible library.

Can I listen to audible on two devices?

Yes! You can just sign in with the same log-in on multiple devices and you’ll see everything in your library. So Bart has the Audible app on his phone and I have it on mine. That way we can listen to the same things if we want or both have access to all our children’s books on there.

How do I transfer audiobooks to my Android phone?

Now that you’ve downloaded a couple of audiobooks, make sure there’s only one audiobook (including all the chapters) in one folder. Next, connect your Android phone and make sure it’s discoverable by your PC. Go to the phone drive on your PC and create a new folder called Audiobooks. Paste all ebook files here.

When I download an audiobook from OverDrive where does it go?

Note: If you’d rather listen to audiobooks in your mobile browser, you may be able to use OverDrive Listen instead. Once you’ve borrowed and downloaded an audiobook in the app, go to your app Bookshelf, then tap the audiobook to start listening.

Why are my Audible books not in my library?

You may not be signed into the Audible account that made the purchase. The purchase was made in another Audible marketplace than you one you are signed into. For pre-orders, if you cancelled a pre-order and did not purchase the audiobook, it will not show up in your library.

Can I download audible books to SD card?

If you are running out of space on your Android, you can change the location of your downloaded Audible audiobooks to a removable SD card. … Tap Download Settings. From the Download Settings page, tap Download Location. Choose the SD card from the list of download locations.

Can I transfer my Audible books to another device?

Click My audiobooks Click and drag the audiobook over to the device icon that looks like the iPhone and drop it. ITunes will begin transferring the audiobook to your device.

Where are my Audible books stored on my phone?

You do need to hunt a little to find the path stores the Audible files on your Android device, but they’re there: /Android/data/com. audible. application/files. This article tells Android users how to remove Audible DRM from the audiobooks downloaded via Android devices.

Can I listen to audiobooks without using data?

Even though you can listen on multiple devices, the Audible app available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 features the best listening experience. You can listen wherever you go and you don’t need Wi-Fi to listen! Head over to the How to Listen page to find out what devices you can use to listen to your audiobooks.

How do I listen to audiobooks on my Samsung?

Listen to audiobooks you’ve downloadedOn your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Books App .Tap Library.At the top, tap Audiobooks.Tap the audiobook you want to listen to. It will start playing automatically.Optional: You can also change how the audiobook is played, or set a sleep timer:

Why is audible not syncing?

If you have switched devices and are not being prompted to continue from your last position manually, syncing/refreshing will immediately check for new positions that are available. Note: Your device must be connected to a wireless Internet connection, or it will not be able to sync your Whispersync-compatible content.

Where are my audible downloads?

Audible audiobooks purchased from Amazon or Audible can be found in My Library in the Audible app on iOS or Android, and Library in the Audible app on Windows 10 devices and Fire tablets. To find your audiobook in your library, tap the search icon, and type in the name of your book.

Do audible books take up space on your phone?

Yes, Audible (and most audiobooks) are typically downloads and they do take up part of the storage/memory on your smartphone. The longer the audiobook, the more storage it takes up.

Can you download audible books to Android?

Tap Library. Tap Titles then tap All. Tap on the cover art of the audiobook you would like to download. The title will start to download.

How do I access my Audible books?

How to buy Audible books in the Audible appOpen the Audible app on your iPhone or Android.Tap on the Shopping Cart icon in the top-right corner to open the Audible store.Tap the magnifying glass to search for an audiobook or browse the categories.Tap on the audiobook you want to purchase.More items…•

How do I sync my audible devices?

If you need to manually sync your position, follow these steps. Note: Your device will need to be connected to a wireless Internet connection for syncing to work. Go to the Library section of the Audible app. Swipe down on your screen until you see the spinning arrow, then release to refresh.