Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Confidential?

What is the opposite of confidentiality?


Antonyms: public, open, patent, official, treacherous, insidious.

Synonyms: private, secret, trustworthy, intimate..

How do you keep information confidential?

Ten ways to protect your confidential informationProper labelling. … Insert non-disclosure provisions in employment agreements. … Check out other agreements for confidentiality provisions. … Limit access. … Add a confidentiality policy to the employee handbook. … Exit interview for departing employees. … Consider notifying the new employer.More items…•

Is confidentiality a skill?

Administrative professionals are expected to have confidentiality as a core skill; you might say it “goes with the territory”. There is an inherent expectation in the role that we know how to keep things confidential and what to keep confidential. … Confidentiality is simple – keep information to yourself.

What is a synonym and antonym for Anonymous?

anonymous. Synonyms: nameless, unattested, authorless, unidentified, unauthenticated. Antonyms: authenticated, attested, identified, authorized, verified, signed.

What is the root word of Anonymous?

The Greek root word onym means “name.” This root is the word origin of a fair number of English vocabulary words, including synonym and antonym. The root onym is easily recalled through the word anonymous, which refers to someone going around without a “name.”

What does strictly private and confidential mean?

It means that the contents of the letter are confidential and usually should not be disclosed to anyone other than the addressee. …

What does Confidential mean?

1 : marked by intimacy or willingness to confide a confidential tone. 2 : private, secret confidential information.

Can a person be confidential?

No, generally the word used for that is “discreet”. A discreet person is sensitive to secrets and won’t misuse them. … I can think of one sense in which a person can be “confidential”. It means somebody whose identity is confidential.

What’s another word for information?

SYNONYMS FOR information 1 data, facts, intelligence, advice.

Is maintaining confidentiality a skill?

Confidentiality in the workplace means keeping sensitive business and personnel matters private (e.g. medical histories, competitive data and salary information.) Good confidentiality skills are important for: HR professionals who handle sensitive data, from candidates’ resumes to employees’ contracts.

Why is personal information confidential?

A key element of confidentiality is that it helps build trust. … To have their information shared is not only a breach in privacy, but it will destroy employee trust, confidence and loyalty. It will also cause a loss in productivity. Strict data protection rules must be followed when managing private information.

What’s the antonym of Anonymous?

What is the opposite of anonymous?identifiedknownundoubtedunchallengedswornrightfulwell-knownavowedconcededcorrect36 more rows

What is another name for confidentiality of information?

What is another name for confidentiality of information? Explanation: Privacy is another name for confidentiality. Accuracy, consistency, and trustworthiness describe integrity of data.

How do you define confidential information?

“Confidential Information” means all material, non-public, business-related information, written or oral, whether or not it is marked as such, that is disclosed or made available to the receiving party, directly or indirectly, through any means of communication or observation.

What is the meaning of confidential letter?

If you get a letter stamped confidential, that means you’re not supposed to tell anyone else what it says. … If you confide in someone, you are trusting him or her with confidential or secret information.

What is the root word for confidential?

The word confidentiality includes the Latin root fides, which means “faith,” or “trust.”

What’s another word for Anonymous?

What is another word for anonymous?unidentifiedunnamednamelessincognitoinnominateunknownunacknowledgedunspecifiedundesignatedcertain131 more rows

What does keep confidential mean?

Information that is confidential is meant to be kept secret or private. She accused them of leaking confidential information about her private life. … If you talk to someone in a confidential way, you talk to them quietly because what you are saying is secret or private.

What secret means?

noun. Definition of secret (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : something kept hidden or unexplained : mystery. b : something kept from the knowledge of others or shared only confidentially with a few. c : a method, formula, or process used in an art or operation and divulged only to those of one’s own company or craft : trade secret.

What are two synonyms anonymously?


What is the synonym of confidential?

SYNONYMS FOR confidential 1 restricted, private. 2 intimate, familiar. 3 trusted, trustworthy, private.