Quick Answer: What Is A 12/25 Cassette?

What is the best cassette for road bike?

Top 5 Road Bike Cassettes in 2020Shimano Tiagra CS-HG500-10 Road Bike Cassette.

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SRAM PG-1050 Cassette [ 10-Speed] …

Ztto Road Bike 11 Speed Cassette 11-28t Compatible for Shimano Sram System.

SunRace 8 Speed Road Bike Cassette 11-23 Compatible with [Shimano or SRAM] …

Campagnolo Veloce 10 Speed Cassette..

Do I need a longer chain for a bigger cassette?

You need a bit longer chain for a larger cassette. All things remaining the same, if your chain was the correct length before, adding the 34t gear increases the diameter of the low gear. That increases the total gear length, so you would have to have more chain to keep the adjustment correct.

What is an 11 28 cassette?

Standard Setup. Currently, the most common gearing setup on new road bikes is a 50/34 chainset with an 11-28 cassette. This means that the big and small chainring have 50 and 34 teeth, respectively, and the cassette’s smallest cog has 11 teeth and its largest cog has 28 teeth.

Are all Shimano cassettes compatible?

All Shimano and SRAM cassettes up to 10 speed are broadly compatible. They all use Shimano’s Hyperglide II freehub body spline pattern. Cassettes with the same number of sprockets have the same sprocket spacing, sprocket width and overall width.

Can I replace a 7 speed cassette with an 8 speed?

A 7 and 8 speed cassette have the same amount of space between each cog. An 8 speed cassette is slightly wider than a 7 speed cassette because of that added gear. … Simply put – 8, 9, 10 speed cassettes all fit on the same hub. A seven speed cassette will fit on an 8 speed freehub with the use of a spacer.

What size cassette do pros use?

Pros often use a 55×11-tooth high gear for time trials. On flat or rolling stages they might have 53/39T chainrings with an 11-21T cassette. In moderate mountains they switch to a large cog of 23T or 25T. These days, they’ve joined the big-gear revolution like many recreational riders.

Can I put a 12 speed cassette on 11 speed hub?

Yes you can run a 9/10/11 & 12 speed cassette on a shimano free hub, a Sunrace 12 speed will fit. XTR 12 speed is completely different setup!

What is a 12/25 cassette?

The 12-25 is 12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23-25. The 12-27 is 12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-24-27. Only the last two cogs are different between the 12-25 and 12-27. You get lower, more useful cogs with the 12-27 over the 12-25.

Is 1×11 better than 2×10?

2×10 has slightly more gear range (than a wide range 1×11) and better chainline. 1×11 simpler since you don’t have to mess with the front shifter at all, and lighter. If 1×11 is enough range for you, I’d say it’s absolutely worth it.

Can a 52 34 chainring run?

The front derailleur has 16t capacity which means you nominally can only have 52/36 or 50/34 chainring combinations. … Some people report that 52/34 is workable, and with a 11-30 or 11-32 cassette you would not exceed the TC of the rear derailleur.

What do cassette numbers mean?

Sprockets vary in size according to the number of teeth they have. A cassette may therefore be sized as 11-32t. The first number refers to the number of teeth on the smallest sprocket (the highest gear, for fast pedalling at speed) and the second number to the biggest sprocket (the lowest gear, for climbing hills).

Which cassette ratio is best for climbing?

If you ride a lot of hills or struggle with hill climbing, a cassette with a lower ratio largest sprocket (27 or more teeth) may be beneficial. It will allow you to keep spinning for longer, rather than grinding.

Do all cassettes fit all hubs?

Most cassette hubs are compatible with Shimano cassette cogs. SRAM cassettes and most Miche, IRD and SunRace cassettes use the same inter-sprocket spacing as Shimano, but at least some SRAM 10-speed cassettes do not fit aluminum-body Dura-Ace hubs.