Quick Answer: Is NAF A Federal Civilian Employee?

Is NAF part of DoD?

Who Are NAF Employees.

Over 120,000 DoD employees are paid from funds that are not appropriated by Congress.

DoD nonappropriated fund (NAF) employees work in military exchanges and morale, welfare, and recreation programs.

NAF employees work all over the world, supporting our Military Services..

Can NAF employees apply for GS positions?

Appointments under the interchange agreement are considered voluntary. Eligible DoD NAF employees may apply for positions at any grade level (e.g., eligible NAF employees may apply for Army APF civilian career program positions filled through the Army Civilian Career Evaluation System by registering in that system).

How is NAF retirement calculated?

With the NAF Retirement Plan, you contribute 2% of your gross salary each pay period. Your employer contributes another 7.6% to the Army NAF Retirement Trust, which pays your retirement benefits when you retire.

What is a NAF job?

A Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) employee is a person who is employed in, and receives compensation from a Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI). NAF employment is different from civil Service federal employment because salaries for NAF employees are not allocated by Congress.

Does NAF employment count towards GS retirement?

107-107, section 1132, permits employees in CSRS and Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) to use prior NAF service to qualify for an immediate retirement. Credit for NAF service under this law will not result in higher CSRS or FERS annuity benefits.

What military rank is a GS 12 equivalent to?

Equivalent Civilian to Military RanksCivilian GradeMilitary RankArmy TitleGS-11, GS-12O-3CaptainGS-13O-4MajorGS-14O-5Lieutenant ColonelGS-15O-6Colonel20 more rows

What are the benefits of NAF?

Employees with regular appointments are eligible for the following benefits and compensation: Health and life insurance, awards, retirement plan, 401(k), annual leave, sick leave, military leave, administrative leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, court leave, overtime pay, holiday pay, Sunday premium pay, shift …

Are NAF employees competitive services?

NAF employment is considered Federal employment. It is, however, different from Federal civil service employment because the monies used to pay the salaries of NAF employees are not appropriated by Congress. Civil service positions are paid with funds appropriated by Congress.

Are MCCS employees federal employees?

NAF employees are federal employees and work in a variety of jobs. The DON has three NAF organizations: Commander, Navy Installations Command – Morale, Welfare, and Recreation CNIC), Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS), and Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM).

Does Naf time count towards GS retirement?

First of all, it is correct that the NAF service will not increase the amount of any future FERS, CSRS, or CSRS Offset annuity to which an employee may be entitled but can be used to meet years of service requirements.

Do NAF employees get a pension?

NAF Retirement Plans To help attract and retain qualified and productive employees, each NAF employer provides eligible employees an opportunity to participate in a retirement program consisting of a defined benefit (pension) plan and a defined contribution (401(K)) plan.

How do I apply for a job at NAF?

To apply for a NAF Job, you need to visit www.usajobs.gov then follow the instructions through the USA Jobs website. You will be required to create a profile and complete ALL the area’s listed under the profile section. One ALL the areas are completed; you will be able to apply for the positions you are interested in.

Is working for Aafes a federal job?

Yes AAFES is federal employment. Yes It is part of the Department of Defense. It is not considered a Federal job although it caters for the military and their family.

Is Nex a federal job?

Is a NEXCOM Enterprise job a “civil service” job? No, it is not considered a “civil service” job. … NEXCOM Enterprise associates are non-appropriated (NAF) or from the sales from our NEXs and therefore are paid by the NAF pay schedule.

What does non appropriated funds mean?

Nonappropriated Funds – Monies derived from sources other than congressional appropriations and commissary surcharge funds, primarily from the sale of goods and services to DoD military and civilian personnel and their family members that are used to support or provide Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs. (