Quick Answer: Are Macys Diamonds Good?

What is the best month to buy diamonds?

September and October are often the best months to buy an Engagement Ring.

These are often quieter times for the jewelry industry.

Some diamond vendors will run promotions to encourage shoppers to buy during the fall season.

You’ll also have the luxury of fewer shoppers vying for the engagement ring you want..

Is Macy’s jewelry real gold?

A federal class action lawsuit claims Macy’s deceptively advertises its jewelry as “fine gold” when it is actually gold-plated sterling silver, tricking customers into believing they’re buying jewelry more valuable than it actually is. … That’s when she discovered they were gold-platted sliver and not real gold.

Is Macy’s overpriced?

Macy’s clothes aren’t expensive. … Macy’s is always offering discount coupons which can also be combined with in-store price reductions. And you use your Macy’s credit card, which can also lower the price of your purchases. I’ve shopped at Macy’s a lot and I’ve never found the pricing of their clothing to be high.

Are Costco Diamonds good quality?

Costco’s Diamond Cut Quality Review When buying diamonds, CUT IS KING. Cut has the biggest impact on a diamond’s beauty and sadly, the cut standard at Costco is mediocre. You see, Costco allows GIA “Very Good” cut diamonds in their inventory and this means you might end up buying diamonds that aren’t cut well.

Does Macy’s sell fake diamonds?

The leased jeweler in question is no longer associated with Macy’s and we now have safeguards to prevent fake diamonds from ending up in the hands of customers in the fine jewelry department. Macy’s regrets the Winther’s had this experience and say they never intended to sell fake diamonds as real.

Are diamonds really worth the money?

Diamonds are not particularly rare. In fact, compared to other gemstones, they’re the most common precious stone found. … Therefore, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are much rarer and, in turn, far more expensive than diamonds. MYTH #2: The bigger the diamond, the more it costs.