Question: What Does Pre Bid Mean?

What does high pre bid mean?

Should only one autobid exist on a vehicle, the single bid may deploy at 70% of the tendered amount.

When there are more than one (multiple) Auto Bids for the same unit, ‘High Pre-Bid’ column on the run list will display second highest Auto Bid plus standard bidding increment..

What is pre bid and post bid?

Header bidding (Pre-bid) Post-bid. Ad server behaviour. Ad server is called AFTER header auction. Ad server is called BEFORE header auction.

What is pre bid targeting?

Pre-bid targeting is done through special segments that may be targeted for: viewability, suspicious activity, brand safety, anti-fraud and content categories. Pre-bid segments are based on individual page URLs or app bundles that IAS has determined fit certain criteria.

What is pre bid Car Auction?

During Pre-bidding, you can place your initial bids on the vehicle. The highest bid at the end of Pre-bidding becomes the starting bid for the live auction. Pre-bidding ends an hour before the start of the live auction, and the highest Pre-bid becomes the starting bid at auction.

What are blocking tags?

A blocking display tag is when the third party ad tag is wrapped by a 4th party eg. IAS, Double Verify. When the tag loads, it’ll call the 4th party FIRST and will either allow the ad to serve as normal, or block and show an image of clouds or something.

What is an IF bid?

“If” Bids. “If” bids are usually facilitated by the auction company and state that a bidder agrees to buy a vehicle “if” the seller will accept the offer within a specified period of time. “If” bids are usually made on vehicles that did not meet sellers’ price expectations.

What does if bid mean on Impact Auto?

If Bids. When the bids do not reach the Reserve Price, the auctioneer may conditionally sell the Vehicle subject to an If Bid (also called phone bid or confirmation sale). When a Buyer makes an If Bid, the Seller has 24 hours (or other announced time frame) to accept the bid.

What is a pre bid?

Pre-bid meetings are usually held a week or two before the invitation to bid or request for proposals are announced. This gives you enough time to prepare any questions you may have. Study the solicitation documents and be ready to engage with the owner when the time comes (more on that below).

Pre-bid meetings are conducted by the owner to clarify any concerns the bidders may have with the solicitation documents, scope of work and other project details. Attendance is not mandatory, however it is highly-recommended for prospective bidders to attend.

What is a header bidding?

Header bidding is an advanced method of programmatic ad buying which allows publishers to offer their inventory to multiple ad exchanges before requesting ad servers. This contrasts the waterfall method, which can rob advertisers of premium inventory and publishers of maximum revenue.

What is pre bid iaai?

What is pre-bidding? You can place pre-bids (also known as proxy bids) online once a vehicle has been assigned a sale date. To pre-bid, enter a starting bid and a maximum bid amount. An automated system manages the bids up until the pre-bidding period ends one hour (local time) before the live auction.

What is the process of bidding?

The bidding process is used to select a vendor for subcontracting a project, or for purchasing products and services that are required for a project. … Each vendor responds to the bid with details about the products and services that are needed and the overall cost.

What is post bid in construction?

• Method used to select a general contractor or subcontractors by the owner or architect Page 6 The Post Bid stage is the period after bids are received, either competitively bid or on a negotiated ASAP basis. The Bid Stage begins when a fixed bid date is set for the receipt of general contract or subcontract bids.