Question: Should I Go Poly Or JC?

What are the hardest A levels?

The 12 hardest A-Level subjects are Maths, Further Maths, History, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

The list also includes English Literature, Art, Psychology, Computer Programming and Music..

Can N level go poly?

Depending on your child’s results at the GCE N-Level examination in Secondary 4, they can: Enrol directly in ITE for a National ITE Certificate (Nitec) or Higher Nitec course through the Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP).

Is it normal to fail in JC?

Failing is a new norm, even if you’ve never failed previously. Unlike in secondary school, attaining a C grade for a subject in JC was considered a feat in itself. Personally, I hardly failed in secondary school so all the Ungraded (U) and Sub-pass (S) grades on my report card came as a rude shock.

Do JC relationships last?

While the couples we spoke to generally agreed that many relationships in JC have short expiration dates, they maintained that they can last if the other aspects of one’s life, such as one’s grades and other interpersonal relationships, are managed well.

What is the difference between Poly and JC?

In general, the JC route to university is accelerated, and takes two years. The polytechnic path will take you about three years or so. However, the longer polytechnic option ends with a diploma and better prepares you for the workforce. So if you are in a hurry to enter the job market, this may be better option.

Are Singapore A levels harder?

In short, the Singapore A level is harder than the British A level level since the Singapore exam board intentionally makes the Singapore A levels harder than all other A level exams.

How do people cope with poly life?

Here are nine tips that we poly graduates have for the young freshies.Always Bring A Jacket To School. Credit. … Make Google Drive Your Best Friend. … Do Everything By Email. … Join A CCA. … Bring Powerbank(s) … Surround Yourself With Good Group Mates. … Be Friendly To Your Lecturers. … Build Up Your Portfolio.More items…

Which Poly is the best?

The Top 15RankingWorld RankInstitute12069Ngee Ann Polytechnic22384Singapore Polytechnic34221SIM (Singapore Institute of Management)44251Temasek Polytechnic11 more rows•Jan 12, 2017

How do you do well in JC?

SO as a closure to my years of regimented studies, here are 8 tips that I hope will guide you in your journey through JC.Be Prepared (To Stay Awake) … PRACTISE HARD And Do Your Tutorials ASAP. … If You Aren’t A Genius, Skip On Those CCAs. … Tuition. … Take Care of Yourself. … Learn To Laugh At Yourself And Move On.More items…•

Is University easy or hard?

University isn’t hard at all if you enter in with a passion to succeed. Be regular to classes, plan your activities, don’t over-indulge and be genuinely interested in what you do. Even though it may seem strenuous at that point of time, nothing could be better to grow and mould yourself to whatever you want to become.

Is a math compulsory for JC?

If you plan to go JC, A-Math is a pre-requisite for H2 Math. … For students who aspire to enter business-related courses, A-math is not compulsory but it is recommended as it trains you to be sharper and more detailed when dealing with numbers.

Is Chinese compulsory in JC?

unfortunately, nope unless you have taken higher Chinese in Secondary School. only in Polytechnics you will get exemption in Chinese/ MTL.

Is Poly easier than JC?

It’s a popular belief that going to a Poly is “easier”. While I can’t say much about what it’s like in JC, I can assure you that Poly is undoubtedly, most definitely, not easy. Poly students are known to be less busy, and that’s true to some extent. Compared to JC students, our timetables are a lot less hectic.

Is JC or uni harder?

Every semester during finals you will study as hard as you did for A levels if you want to have anywhere close to good grades. Based on that I’d say Uni is definitely less relax than JC. It might be more enjoyable but relax it is definitely not.

Is Polytechnic better than university?

Polytechnics May Be Better Than Universities Polytechnics are usually well equipped for these courses. Polytechnics (ND) graduates can start working with the national diploma before proceeding to the Higher National Diploma (HND) level. … University students only go for IT usually at 300 level.

Is Poly life stressful?

Don’t underestimate the stress levels You probably heard that life in poly is slack and full of freedom. It may be one of the reasons you didn’t want to go to junior college. … So here is social stress and exam stress. Unlike a secondary school, everything in a polytechnic is less rigid.

Why is Singapore A levels so hard?

Why is Singapore-Cambridge A levels so hard?! Unfortunately, there is no end in sight. The quality of school teachers in JCs varies greatly. … Consequently, students are fumbling over their material and not ready for the A level exams. This is why some students at this point will seek out tuition.

What do you learn in JC?

Courses and Subjects: JC offers many different subjects and allows you to do a mix and match of different subjects, for example, Bio, Chem, Math, Econs, GP, PW. All these subjects are very theoretical and less “applied” than Poly.