Question: Is Kandy Or Ella Better?

What is there to do in Ella at night?

Climb up Little Adam’s peak.

Walk along the rails on the Nine Arch Bridge in Ella.

Endless Tea Field Views at Lipton’s Seat.

Swim at Diyaluma Falls, 2nd highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

Join a cooking class at Ella Spice Garden.

Get a fresh shower at the Ravana Fall.

Hike up to the top of Ella Rock..

What is the most scenic train ride in Sri Lanka?

Kandy to Ella trainThe Kandy to Ella train journey is said to be one of the most scenic, epic train journeys in not only just Sri Lanka but the world.

Does the Kandy to Ella train stop at Nuwara Eliya?

The train journey through the hill country of Sri Lanka which transports you from the second city of Kandy right through to Ella takes just over six hours, but can be broken up to stop along the way, Nuwara Eliya is an ideal place to stop for a few days and explore the local tea plantations.

Is Kandy worth visiting?

Kandy, Sri Lanka’s second largest city, is one of the most popular spots to visit when backpacking through Sri Lanka. Backpackers often stop here on their way towards the hill country areas of Nuwara Eliya and Ella. If you’ve got 2 or three days to spare, then a stop to Kandy is worth it.

What is the coldest place in Sri Lanka?

Nuwara EliyaNuwara Eliya is known for its temperate, cool climate – the coolest area in Sri Lanka.

How many days do you need in Kandy?

With that said, it makes a great base for side trips to Dambulla, Sigiriya, and Polonnaruwa. If you plan on visiting those destinations, then I suggest planning to stay for at least three full days in Kandy.

How much is the train from Kandy to Ella?

Kandy – Ella (2nd class compartment) – 120 LKR. That is less than $1 USD for a 4-hour train ride. It’s even cheaper than the train journey in Yangon, Myanmar. Nuwara Eliya – Ella (2nd class compartment) – 120 LKR.

Which side is train Kandy to Ella?


How far is Ella from Nuwara Eliya?

31 kmThe distance between Ella and Nuwara Eliya is 31 km. The road distance is 58.5 km.

Why is Kandy famous?

Known as a pilgrimage destination for the Temple of the Tooth Relic (a sacred tooth of the Buddha), a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kandy is a sacred city, due to the importance and spiritual significance of this temple.

How do you get to Ella Rock?

Take the 2nd turning after Kithaella train station Once you pass Kithaella train station, continue walking for around 10 minutes and take what should be the 2nd left turning. It should have “Ella Rock” with an arrow marked out in blue on a rock. Continue straight along this pass and cross the footbridge over the river.

How far is it from Colombo to Ella?

Schedule from Colombo to EllaTransportDurationAvailabilityTrain8h 46minCheck train ticketsBus6hr 45min, excl. transfersRead article for infoTaxi4h 30minBook a taxiFeb 14, 2020

How long is the train ride from Kandy to Ella?

6-7 hoursSri Lanka Train From Kandy To Ella The best way to travel to Kandy is by train, either from Colombo (a 3-hour train journey) or from Ella. The train from Kandy to Ella takes 6-7 hours.

Which is better Ella or Nuwara Eliya?

Ella certainly has some picturesque sites, while Nuwara Eliya is much bigger town. Once you have seen the lake. Pedro Tea Factory, Lovers Leap waterfall there is not too much to do, whereas Ella can keep you busy for days.

How do you get to Nuwara Eliya from Kandy?

You can take the train from Peradeniya station – about 7 km from Kandy – to Nanu Oya – about 8 km from Nuwara Eliya. There are 2 daily trains – departing Peradeniya at 08:40 and 12:23.

What is special in Kandy?

Must Places to Visit in KandyThe Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. Image Credit : Hafiz Issadeen. … Commonwealth War Cemetery. … Millenium Elephant Foundation. … Horton Plains National Park. … Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue. … International Buddhist Museum. … British Garrison Cemetery. … Perandeniya Botanical Gardens.More items…

How many days do you need in Ella Sri Lanka?

Wondering how many days to stay in Ella? In my opinion, you really don’t need more than 2 to 3 nights in Ella. It is a very small town and you can easily move onto other parts of Sri Lanka after just a few days – keep reading for suggestions of where to go after Ella.

Is Ella Sri Lanka worth visiting?

Set in a picturesque mountain landscape dotted with tea fields, Ella is a must-visit destination for travelers to Sri Lanka. … It’s a good add-on destination for travelers who want to take a break from sand and sun for a couple of days, or who are coming from or going to one of Sri Lanka’s safari destinations.