Question: Can You Fail The Predictive Index?

Is the predictive index accurate?

The Predictive Index is a valid, reliable survey for job fit, and is an EEOC compliant tool for use within the employee selection process.

The original results of the PI are always the accurate ones, although resurveys can be administered periodically to measure employee engagement..

What is the predictive index looking for?

The Predictive Index measures behavioral drives (Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality) as well as cognitive ability. PI assessments help business leaders: Understand the needs of a specific role, team, project, or business strategy. Collect candidate or employee “people data”

How long does it take to get predictive index results?

HOW LONG DOES THE ASSESSMENT TAKE? The PI Behavioral Assessment is only 2 questions long and takes about 6 minutes to complete. It can easily be completed in less time.

Can you fail a predictive index test?

A Predictive Index Test does not have a pass or fail grading measurement. Providing honest answers will be beneficial for both you and the employer. Not only does it help employers evaluate a candidate’s fit for the job, but it also helps candidates get hired for jobs that are a good fit for them.

What is a good score on the predictive index?

The scale is 100-450 and the average score is 250, which is equivalent to a raw score of approximately 20/50. Every score falls into a percentile which demonstrates how your score compares to the scores of other test-takers in terms of percentages.