Is State Of Survival Any Good?

Who is the best hero in state of survival?


Best heroes for gatheringFor food gathering- Mike.Best hero for wood gathering- Chef.For metal gathering- Rusty.Best hero for gas gathering- Ghost..

Is state of survival good?

State of Survival offers a huge amount of content for an Android game and refuses to be put down. Those who put in the effort will likely find great value.

What is state of survival rated?

State of Survival: Zombie War 17+

When did state of survival release?

08/30/2019AboutSupport URL:KingsGroup International AG SupportCountry Release Date:08/30/2019Worldwide Release Date:08/30/2019Downloads:Most Popular Country:US9 more rows

Is state of survival cross platform?

You can play State of Survival using an Android emulator that will help you in downloading the app and playing the game using it. … Yes, the State of Survival is a cross-platform game, which means that you can play the game with your friends using the same server.

How do you log into state of survival?

Accessing the account menu is simple! Just tap on the account button, this will bring you to a screen much like the below screenshot. Simply tap on Account Management and login with your chosen binding platform!

How do you get stamina in state of survival?

To get more stamina for your Chief for free, you can either level up your Chief, find boosters during hunting events, or get more from daily drops. In order to level your Chief, you will need Chief EXP. You can get Cheif EXP by opening free VP loot crates, doing daily tasks, and completing showdowns.

How do you get lucky in State of survival?

Like any hero in State of Survival, Lucky is unlocked via fragments to be unlocked and/or purchased via a VIP pass. To do this, first select Lucky from the list of heroes. By clicking on the “more” icon available on the Lucky screen, you will be taken to the screen where you can get the VIP Kits.

How do you level up fast in state of survival?

How To raise Battle Power Quickly In State Of SurvivalTo Increase Battle Power, you will need to upgrade your buildings, heroes, and units or research new technologies and level your chief. … Then after that, move on to both Military and economic buildings as these have the most impact on the Battle Power level.More items…•

What is prosperity in state of survival?

Prosperity measures your settlements development and the higher your prosperity, the more missions and exploration tasks that will be unlocked. The rate limiting factor of upgrading is usually your headquarters. You can only upgrade your other buildings up to the level of your headquarters.

Can I change state in state of survival?

Once you are in the map view of the state that you want to move to you should find any empty plot of land and tap on it. You will see a Join State option. Tap this and follow the prompts to complete the move. Your base will be moved to a random location in this state and it will now be your new home state.

How does the hero training area work in state of survival?

Hero Training Area So, what can level share do? In the Hero Training area, your top 3 ranked Heroes will be automatically assigned as the instructors. They will be able to share their current level to heroes that are placed on the training slots. The level will be based on the instructor of the lowest level.

Is state of survival game online?

State of Survival is a Strategy game developed by KingsGroup Holdings. BlueStacks app player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience. … State of Survival is a strategy game meant to be played by hard-hearted people.

How do you find players in state of survival?

AppGamer Answered: In the wilderness (map screen) you can tap on any player base and then select ‘View’ to look inside their settlement. You can also go to your alliance menu, select the member tab and then find a member you want to view and select them.

What type of game is state of survival?

mobile strategy gameState of Survival – A Comprehensive Guide to Gameplay, Heroes, Alliances and More. The mobile strategy game genre is one of the most prevalent in the Android marketplace, with many high profile titles such as Rise of Kingdoms, Guns of Glory, and King of Avalon.

How do I change my name in state of survival?

Choosing a usernameClick on your chief profile picture in the top left. The profile picture of your chief.On the right, you will see “Name” and by default it will be a randomly generated name e.g. Survivor1000.Next to your chief name, you will see an edit button (pencil) where you can choose a name.