How Can I Get My RC Copy Online In Kerala?

How can I track my RC smart card delivery?

The Regional Transport Authority said that all the cards have been dispatched by August 10.

The applicants can check https://aprtacitizen. under ‘Track your smart card status’ tab..

How do I find Vahan details?

Find Vehicle Registration Details with an SMSType VAHAN vehicle’s registration number.Send it to 7738299899.

How can I change my bike Colour in RC Kerala?

Proposed color. Just pay the service charges and give the forms in the office. They will get the signature of the RTO and return one form to you. Next you produce the vehicle before the Motor vehicles Inspector and he will inspect the vehicle and write his report.

How can I use RC online transfer?

For example, when initiating two-wheeler RC transfer in Delhi online, you need to visit the online portal ‘Parivahan’ to start with this process. Next, fill up the necessary application form and proceed with online document submission. Also, pay applicable fees on this portal and complete the process.

Can I sell bike without RC?

Selling without RC is not at all safe (nor is buying without it). See if you can ask a friend to approach some agent at the RTO and request for duplicate RC. You can see the Karnataka RTO website for more details. It’s risky to sell your vehicle without transfer..

How can I get a copy of my RC book?

What should you do if your RC card or book is stolen or lost?Form 26 – application form.Copy of RC card lost challan (from police station)No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the bank if you have taken a loan.Copy of vehicle insurance.Emission test paper copy.Driving License copy.Age and address proofs.More items…

How can I track my RC book online?

Open the parivahan portal:, Click on the menu option: Online Services. Under Vahan Tab, click on the option “Know your RC Status” In the next screen, feed the Vehicle Registration No. in the given Box. Registration Status will be shown immediately.

Is DigiLocker valid in Kerala?

The Kerala government is still not ready to implement the use of DigiLocker application, transport minister AK Saseendran said in the Assembly last month, while answering a question. … Only the documents available under ‘Issued Documents’ tab of the DigiLocker are considered valid.

Is Digital RC valid in India?

The digital RC & DL in DigiLocker is digitally signed by MoRTH. It is fetched in real-time directly from the National Register database and has a timestamp for record keeping purposes. This digital document is a legally valid document under the Indian IT Act 2000.

How can I register my two wheeler in Kerala?

Documents Required For Vehicle RegistrationDuly filled application Form No.20.Vehicle Sales Certificate in Form 21.Form 22 supplied by vehicle seller.Insurance paper of the vehicle.PUC Certificate.Passport sized photos.Proof of address.Temporary registration certificate (if any)More items…

How do I transfer my father’s car to my son?

What happens if car owner passes away and his son has to transfer car in his name?1) The letter of authority/ Succession certificate: … 2) Clearance of loan: … 3) Death certificate: … 4) RC of the car: … 5) A copy of a valid insurance certificate: … 6) Address proof of the applicant: … 7) Pollution certificate:More items…

Is duplicate RC valid?

The government has brought in amendments in the current law to allow people to carry electronic versions of documents like driving licence or registration copy of their vehicle. … However, a normal scanned copy of these documents will not be valid.

How many days will it take to get RC book in Kerala?

7 daysPermanent Registration: Under the provision of Section 39 of Motor Vehicles Act 1988, if a new vehicle is bought or transferred, the same has to be registered with the concerned RTO permanently. The application From 20 has to be submitted within 7 days to register a new or transferred vehicle with the RTO Kerala.

Is vehicle number and registration number same?

A vehicle’s license plate is commonly known as ‘a number plate’. It is a metal plate which is attached to a vehicle and has the official registration number of a vehicle embossed on it.

Is soft copy of RC valid?

As per the latest amendments in the IT Act 2000 and the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, digital driving license and vehicle’s RC papers stored in DigiLocker will be now legally recognised at par with the original documents.

How can I transfer RC bike online in Kerala?

INSTRUCTIONSSelect the Office Name for which the application is to be filed.Enter the Vehicle Number in the given boxes correctly.Enter the Last 5 digits of Chassis No.Click on the ‘GO’ Button.Your Vehicle details will be displayed.Click Next Button.More items…

How can I download my RC online?

For your RC book online download, you need to follow the steps mentioned below: Visit and register yourself. Under the tab ‘Issued Documents’, select Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. You will be redirected to a new screen, where you need to select ‘Registration of Vehicles’

What happens if RC is lost?

File an FIR at the nearest police station where you lost your RC. File an application for a duplicate RC. You will have to get Form 26 for this. … Submit Form 26 along with supporting documents and complaint letter at the RTO office that issued you the original RC.