The debate has started on classifying MMO vs MMORPG

We real gamers know there are many differences; the posers will say that MMOs and MMORPGs are one in the same. There is a little bit of truth to that, as we know. In fact, all MMORPGs are technically MMOs but not all MMOs are MMORPGs. Funny right. All milk is milk but not all milk is real milk. Just came up with that by the way. So, let us discuss the differences and similarities of the two. MMO vs MMORPG.

How they are alike

  • Both are Massive Multi-Player Online Games
  • You can find either on mobile or desktop

That’s just about all their similarities really and that may be the main reason why people use MMO and MMORPG as interchangeable word to represent any game that is technically MMO.

Key features of MMO games

  • One big difference in an MMO is that they almost always have some kind of chat room or way to communicate with other players in chat room style. This is not particularly the case with MMORPGs.
  • MMOs are usually played on mobile devices. Just about any massive multiplayer game that you can download on your phone is going to be classified as an MMO.
  • Another key difference in an MMO is that they can span many genres. Words With Friends is an MMO. They can be puzzle games, Q & A games, all the way to fighting or shooting games.
  • As long as the game has an online multiplayer it is technically an MMO.

Key features representing an MMORPG

  • MMORPGs are role-playing games. That’s it really. Their genre is very specific. They don’t deviate from that. What kind of roleplaying puzzle games can you find, right? The answer is none.
  • They are almost always fantasy based RPGs. Although, this is not set in stone, the typical MMORPG is fantasy based. There are also, some MMORPG shooters too but the range is very small.
  • Most MMORPGs are played in browser or desktop. Basically, around 90% of any good MMORPG is played on desktop platform.
  • Many MMORPGS are quest based and include multiplayer quests. This is not particularly true of MMOs they are more leaderboard style.
  • In an MMORPG, one of the main aspects of the game is to level up your particular character. Whether it is changing classes, powering up certain skills you choose or completely modifying their appearance. Let’s not even get into equipping your character. The point is that it is completely character based gameplay.

As you can see, there are many differences between MMOs and MMORPGs. Most noobs will refer to any online multiplayer game as an MMO but that is just not the case. MMOs will always be more played than MMORPGs only because of accessibility. MMOs are everywhere but mainly on mobile devices. Therefore, play your MMO and have some fun. Get into some real gaming playing an MMORPG or MMO vs MMORPG.